Dr Richard Hodge

As a system thinking expert Richard obsesses over leadership and stewardship of the future. His quest is to restore this fundamental tenet of leadership that too often is lost in managing the pressure for short-term advantage.

Richard works with leaders of complex enterprises and with people starting their journey. He guides systemic thinking and practice to help leaders build those capabilities to get work done now and remain viable into the future.

He brings over 40 years experience across public and private sectors. He has helped build two successful businesses from start up. And, now continues to research governance of complex systems and educate boards and senior executives shift their concepts of value, organisation and leadership – and that all three have to shift to survive, achieve their best today and establish a sustainable foundation for the future.

Richard’s topic will mention Harold Nelson’s paper The Necessity of Being “Un- disciplined” and “Out-of-Control”; Design Action and Systems Thinking which can be viewed here