Prof John Mo

John Mo is Professor of Manufacturing Engineering in RMIT University, Australia since 2006. He was also Discipline Head of Manufacturing and Materials Engineering until 2014. Prior to this educational appointment, John was Project Manager in the Division of Manufacturing and Infrastructure Technology, CSIRO, Australia for 11 years. His team of professional research staff worked on numerous large scale international projects in systems development in defence, manufacturing, aerospace, national security and materials systems. John Mo received his first degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master in Industrial Engineering from the University of Hong Kong. He was awarded PhD from Loughborough University in 1989. Prior to migrating to Australia, John was Principal Lecturer in the City Polytechnic of Hong Kong.

John has been an active member in professional engineering bodies including as Divisional Secretary of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Chair of the Australian Chapter of the same institution, Mechanical Board Member of the Institution of Engineers Australia, and Committee Member of the Victoria Branch of the UK Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He was academic adviser to universities including City University of Hong Kong and Fiji National University