The Systems Engineering Society of Australia (SESA) is proud to host the Australian Systems Engineering Workshop (ASEW) in Adelaide from 01 – 02 November 2018.


I attended my first ASEW only just last year and was blown away, not only by the quality of content discussed over the two days but also by what I was able to take back into my workplace after the event. Unlike a typical conference, the workshop format enables you to engage directly with your peers on challenges relevant to YOU. It promotes discussion and problem solving around current issues we as Systems Engineers are facing in each functional domain and industry sector. It allows all of us to draw on the collective experience that exists only when we bring together representatives of the Systems Engineering community in an interactive forum like ASEW.

In 2017 ASEW facilitated active engagement across Telecommunications, Transport, Cooperative & Automated Vehicles, Model Based Conceptual Design & Contracting, Systems Engineering, Project Management, Healthcare and Decision Analysis. In addition to the workshops and initiatives discussed at ASEW17, SESA members participate in a number of International Working Groups (through INCOSE) which are used to catalyse the development of technical product and inform the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge. Some of these working groups include

  • Complex Systems
  • System-of-Systems
  • Requirements
  • Project Management – Systems Engineering Integration
  • Model-based Conceptual Design
  • Engineering Process Standards
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport

This year we intend to build on the success of 2017 by encouraging YOU to tell us what is going on in your functional domain and industry sector so we can build a program tailored to your professional needs. SO what are you waiting for? Register your interest today and let us know what you would like to see at ASEW18!

Brad Spencer

ASEW 2018 Convenor