Program Overview


  • Workshop: First Principles Review – Where now In SE?
  • Tutorial: Modelling for Conceptual Design
  • Workshop: Modelling across the Contract Boundary
  • Workshop: Effective Systems Engineering and Project Management Integration
  • Workshop: Decision making in complex systems


  • Workshop: Software – Defined Network Case Study
  • Keynote: Telecoms – Security


  • Keynote: SyE on the Parramatta Light Rail
  • Presentation: Inland Rail Project Management, Benefits & Risks
  • Workshop: SMART vs SMARTISH Requirements
  • Panel: Implementation of SyE on transport projects
  • Roundtable: SyE for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Keynote: QLD Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Initiative


  • Working Group Meeting: Software Systems Interface Working Group
  • Workshop: Systems Summit on Critical Problem Definitions
  • Tutorial & Workshop: Decision Analysis and Lifecycle
  • Tutorial: SyE and Modelling Simulation


INCOSE Knowledge Exam